Press for hire

Wivenhoe Printworks have a very nice compact press available for hire at a very modest rate. It is a really nice machine and we love it a lot, but we don’t quite have the space to comfortably use it in the workshop right now. We would like to make it available on medium to long-term hire so that it is used and loved. Download pdf of photos and dimensions

Our proposal is to hire it out for a minimum of three months and then ongoing with a month notice on either side (thought we are very unlikely to need to call it back at short notice).  For hire rates and to discuss insurance etc please email John Wallett now.

The press breaks down convenienty into components: top roller, main drive mechanism, iron wheel, steel print plate and steel support frame. Each of these can be lifted and handled by one or two reasonably able-bodied people so with care it can be transported and reassembled without the need for specialist print-press transport. We can help arrange transport within a twenty-mile radius if necessary though the hirer would need to pay the cost of this. We do have an associate who can be called on to drive it for a very reasonable charge. We have disassembled and reassembled it so we can also help with that. The main requirement for its situation is to be in a firm and level ground-floor space that is not subject to excessive damp.

If interested or would like to take a look please contact John Wallett:
mobile: 07757 305327 landline: 01206 820849 email:

Click photo for downloadable details


Intaglio press (also suitable for relief)

Maker: Littlejohn Graphic Systems
machine number: w 1596/5
no visible date (1970s ?)
Condition good


Base footprint 55x64cm
Bed 91x53cm (15mm steel)
Height of bed from floor apx 94cm.


Ground steel print-bed with removable end stops, screw-adjustable plated upper roller 10cm Ø, direct drive lower roller 7.5cm Ø, gun-metal bearings, fully enclosed drive gearing, cast iron drive wheel & removable handle, steel under-shelf, plus basic set of blankets.

This is a very compact intaglio press with a floor footprint suitable for the smaller studio. The polished plated top roller and ground steel print plate are in good condition and the gearing and lower drive roller work very smoothly.

Roller height/pressure are adjusted with two screw knobs which also have lock-nuts. Some ‘give’ to the impression is provided by the use of stacked hardboard packers which are indicated in a close up. A simple vertical height scale is also visible on each side of the top roller. The two plate end stops can easily be removed for maintenance and cleaning.

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