Wivenhoe Printworks
23/24 Wivenhoe Business Centre,
Brook Street, Wivenhoe CO7 9DP

landline/voicemail: 01206 827088
mobile: 07757305327

From the middle of April, Printworks will be open for bookable half-day sessions: email info@wivenhoeprint.works for registered members. In addition from mid-May we aim (many inky fingers crossed here) to confirm additional access for two people at a time, up to six if from the same family, including registered members and occasional users. Finally in early summer (ie from the third week of June) we plan to restart courses for groups of up to five students. If you feel ready to join us on the next step of this exciting adventure into creative printmaking then call for a chat, email us to arrange a visit or sign uponline as a member. Click now for our contact details and Membership form.

All plans are of course contingent upon latest Government guidelines. To stay informed please register on our Mailchimp list.

During the rest of April we will be working hard to bring further printing facilities and workshop amenities into action. This week we were very excited to be given a large aquatint box which will add another much-needed facility to our chemical and electro-etching repertoire. Thanks to Paul Rumsay and Terry Curling for their generous donation of this prize piece of platemaking kit. If you are interested in any aspects of etching whether traditional or experimental please get in touch now. We want to build a group of printmakers with an appetite for experimentation in etching over the next couple of months so please let us know if you want to be involved.

If you have any queries please email info@wivenhoeprint.works or give us a call (mobile: 07757305327 or landline/voicemail: 01206 827088).

PS We would like to express our thanks to our very loyal Members, to our funders and to our generous sponsors who have given us not only financial support but also their encouragement and guidance in these protracted and difficult times.

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