Members pages

Wivenhoe Printworks has been started by a small core group of people who want to set up a printmaking facility here and who are committed to developing this as a community resource which will draw in a wide range of people with an interest in print.

Members contribute a subscription to help get the project started an keep it running: rent of the space, heating, running costs, insurance, legal fees etc. To kickstart the project we agreed to put in £400 a year each (or an equivalent monthly). As we get more core members and start to bring in additional income from ad hoc booking, short courses or through occasional sale of works we will be able to start channeling more of these funds into improving the facilities and running more courses.

Core members get the benefit of being able to use the space whenever it is free subject to booking, and to be on the management board which decides how to run the workshop.

If you would like to find out more please contact Eliza Kentridge, Jean McNeil or John Wallett by emailing

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