Wivenhoe Art Trail: More Display Space!


For some time here at Printworks we have been using the very versatile ‘Klemetric’ clamps with 8’x4′ MDF boards to put up extra display areas when we do occasional workshop shows. A pair of white emulsioned 18mm boards (3/4inch) and a pair of these great clamps and you have a nice, unfussy display surface you can screw, nail or glue to. The clamps are like super strong hinges and can be adjusted to any angle between 90 and 270 degrees. You can create flat display walls, zig-zags, corners, square or triangle boxes etc (more ideas on the Klem website). Normally these clamps are about £14 each but recently we bought a job lot on Ebay for about 25% usual price. So we now have a stock of fifty clamps suitable for 18mm boards (enough to make up around ten or twelve decent three-board displays etc). These clamps are available as a resource here in the Printworks workshop and for the run-up to the Wivenhoe Art Trail we are happy to offer any artists taking part in the trail free use of clamps for the week. We don’t have spare stocks of boards but we can help get them (MDF, Ply or OSB) from local stockists given a few days notice… or you can get B&Q or Kent Blaxill to deliver some for a modest cost. Apart from that all you need is a hex key (we have a few spares) and some white emulsion paint!

Artists taking part in the Wivenhoe Art Trail who want to borrow some of these genius clamps to put together a nice display just please let us know and you can come in and pick them up from the print workshop!

Klemetric (Austrian based) have a quite interesting (if a bit ‘old-school’) site with info about these very versatile clamps and some examples of quite impressive displays using them.

If you want to buy any for future use you can check out their current UK distributor http://klemetricdisplays.co.uk/ …or just keep an eye on Ebay and pick see if you can up a bargain as we did.

Otherwise please get in touch as we have LOADS and can lend them out if you get your own boards for the forthcoming Wivenhoe Art Trail. PS if you have boards of a different thicknes its no probs to slip in a packer of ply to adjust the gap… This is why we like this system, because it’s really very simple and very flexible. Why not give it a try for your Wivenhoe Art Trail display!! You get the boards, we let you have some clamps… easy peasy!!

See a few more images:

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