Screen Print Photo Stencil

Date & time: 16/11/2019 from 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
Tutor: Natalie Eldred
Beginner to intermediate
Screens, Squeegees, Inks, Paper
Tea and coffee are provided at all workshops

Cost: £60

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Event Details

In this one day workshop you will learn how to make a screen printed image from a high contrast photo or drawing.

You will apply the photo emulsion, expose, develop it and then print several copies. You can change the colour but you will only be able to do a one-colour image in the time frame we have.

You could print on either fabric or paper, so you could bring fabric scraps, old t-shirts or use the paper we have here. However you cannot do both as they require different screens – so decide which you’d like to do at the start of the day!

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