Loveletters #1

Loveletters #1


10:00 am - 4:00 pm



Wivenhoe Printshop
23/24 Wivenhoe Business Centre, Colchester, Essex, CO7 9DP

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Get creative with type & letterforms, words & pages in this first of an occasional series.

These sessions will we hope appeal to not only artists and designers but also to anyone interested in the exploring the creative potentials of  ‘the printed page’.

‘Loveletters’ sessions will include a mix of practical experimentation, quick dips into the science of type and some (inevitable and unexpected) asides into the historical aspects of type.

In this the first of an occasional series we start with examples of creative type and letterforms past and present, looking at the incredible variations of form employed in ‘just a couple of dozen letters’. We will use a variety of simple media including cut-paper, collage and photocopying before moving onto the presses to make up and print a set of typographic posters.

There will be slides (some), there will be cutting and sticking (a fair bit)… and there will be plenty of ad-hoc printing. Bring a sketchbook and some clothes that can cope with a bit of ink. Beginners very welcome. No special typography or calligraphy experience is necessary (we will NOT be doing expert penmanship!) All you need is an open mind, a sharp eye and a readiness to delight in the endless variation possible with even the simplest letters and words…


John Wallett has been experimenting and playing with type and letterforms since the 1970s when he discovered the mysteries of the Italic Hand.

His first ‘proper creative job’ was in a northern Museum painting diorama backdrops (‘Birdlife of the Farne Islands’) and putting together display lettering and printed materials using a golfball typewriter and some very dusty Letraset.

In at the beginnings of ‘Desk Top Publishing’ software with Aldus Pagemaker 1 and Xerox Ventura he was an early adopter of the PC for page layout and saw straight away the potential for DIY publishing that it represented.

In the 1990’s he once made a complete ‘grunge’ typeface from start to finish in an afternoon using foam rubber, ink and a cheap scanner.

The possible conjunctions of type and image have always been close to the centre of his creative design practice.


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