Kitchen Sink Print Labs ‘Electro-Etching’ (repeat)

Date & time: 05/03/2020 from 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Tutor: John Wallett
All levels welcome from beginner to advanced
All equipment and basic materials are provided
Tea and coffee are provided at all workshops

Cost: £30

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Event Details

Wivenhoe Printworks explores a combination of kitchen-sink printshop, chem-lab and art space as part of the ‘Essex 2020’ year-long festival of Science, Technology, Engineering Art and Maths… mixing it up with old and new technologies to make and print images using common materials, unusual science processes and stuff you have kicking around the house, school, workshop or garden-shed!

This is a repeat of our intro to Electro-Etching for anyone who couldn’t get to the first session last Thursday (27th Feb).

Session 1 (repeat): Introduction to Electro-Etching (March 5th)

This repeat of last Thursday’s session introduces the practice and principles of metal electro-etching for printmakers, art/craft makers  and jewellers. After last Thursday’s  experiments (see image gallery) we expect this to be another very exciting hand-on session. During the evening you will be able to try out a range of different metals and etching setups, ranging from the super-simple etch-in-a-coffee-mug using cheap 9volt torch batteries, through using plastic tubs / buckets with car-battery chargers, and graduating to the longer etching tanks with regulated DC voltage supply units which we are setting up as part of the workshop’s permanent etching facilities.

By the end of the evening you will take away with you several experimental etched metal squares, disks or other shaped plates that demonstrate some of the infinite possibilities that this technique offers. If you want to try etching other shaped metal objects of your own such as tags, small tools, spoons or kitchen implements then please bring them along on Thursday.

Booking and payment

If you want to just do one or two of these three sessions then please sign up for each session separately and take it from there. If you want to do all three sessions then please choose the ‘KSPL Mini-Series’ option on tonight’s booking form and get the third session at half price (total cost £75). Or email for more details…

New Option: Payment by Bank Transfer
If you can pay by Bank Transfer then please do! We will hold your booking as ‘Pending’ and as soon as we receive your transfer we will confirm your booking as ‘Approved’. Bank transfers are great news for us as you pay exactly the same amount but we don’t lose the online transfer fee that we would otherwise pay to ‘Stripe’… so everybody wins!

Email if you need any clarification about bookings and payments.

And here’s a preview of what we will be doing in the follow-on sessions two and three…

Session 2: Metal Shaping and Decoration (March 12th)

For the second session in this mini-series we are very excited to be working with the jeweller and designer Sara Barker. Sara will be taking us through ways to cut and prepare more intricate shapes and forms in different metals that might range from tags and badges through to reinterpreting common household objects by combining cutting and etching.

Session 3: Shaping, Immersive and Contact Etching (March 26th)

In the third session we will bring together our experiments using a variety of metals, shaping and etching processes to produce some finished pieces and proofs: traditional printing plates, pieces of finely decorated jewellery, custom medals and other etched objects which display mini-stories or emblematic images. We will also set aside some time to review and share what we have learned and see if there is interest in taking any of these technical and creative processes further through more intensive workshop groups or specialist courses.

And if you would like to explore the amazing possibilities of electro-etching further then please get in touch right away. We are keen to go deeper into this very exciting subject by arranging some more advanced custom courses and by setting up a small workshop development group.

In this mini-series of ‘Kitchen Sink’ sessions our aim is to explore some of the exciting crossovers between experimental print, home science tech, fine-art jewellery and metal-smithing. We think this mini-series will appeal not only to artists and printmakers who want to explore new and more eco-friendly ways to make metal printing plates but also to jewellers and craft makers who want to shape and decorate medals, badges or tags, and to craft enthusiasts and home hobbyists who would like to explore this non-toxic and environmentally friendly processes to etch a variety of metal surface using safe DC electric current and non-toxic chemical electrolytes like salt water.

Get in touch and let’s talk electro! or call/text John Wallett on 07757 305 327

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