Laser Cutting Lino, Wood & Plastic Plates

Laser Cutting Lino, Wood & Plastic Plates


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm



Wivenhoe Printshop
23/24 Wivenhoe Business Centre, Colchester, Essex, CO7 9DP

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Thursday evenings the Printshop  becomes a cross between print workshop, chem-lab and art space, exploring stuff you can do with ordinary kitchen materials, and ways of mixing up old and new technologies to make and print images.

Laser-etched 5mm Perspex printing plate


Print from Perspex plate using traditional printing paper and oil-based etching ink

In this mash up of laser-tech and traditional print we use a table-top laser to cut and engrave relief and etching plates in a range of modern and trad materials and then make inked prints from them: woodblock, lino, Perspex and other plastics. We also show how by creative use of the laser and software it is possible to resize existing images and modify these for different kinds of printing process.

The session will kick off with a short demonstrations laser cutting a simple jigsaw shape into 3mm ply. We will then show all the stages of making a printing plate from selecting an original pen and ink drawing through scanning it and adapting it for laser cutting, how the finished plate is laser-etched into 5mm Perspex ready to be inked up and printed in traditional ‘intaglio’ style on an etching press.

There will also be some time to look at other laser-cutting processes including engraving plastics and wood, die-cutting to make up 3d shapes etc. Lasers are in many ways the modern equivalent to the 19th/20th Century engraving technologies and like them can give artists and printmakers powerful tools to resize, extend and adapt our work.

Tutor Douglas Dodds is an artist, designer and illustrator who has been exploring  ways to use laser cutting to create 2D and 3D installations. His website is Douglas can undertake laser cutting work and creative consultancy. Email him on or use the contact form on his website:


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