Kitchen Sink Etching 20/06

Date & time: 20/06/2019 from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

All levels welcome from beginner to advanced
Provided: All materials
Tea and coffee are provided at all workshops

Event Details

This workshop has been postponed.
Please info@wivenhoeprint.worksemail if you are interested to attend at a later date.

Thursday evenings the Printshop will become a cross between experimental print workshop, kitchen chemistry lab and art space, exploring ways of making images using low-toxicity chemicals and stuff you can do with ordinary kitchen materials.

Tonight’s Kitchen Sink Lab session is a lively intro to etching copper (using Ferric Chloride and citric acid) and aluminium or steel (using Copper Sulphate and common salt). Though not exactly chemicals you find in the average kitchen, Copper Sulphide is certainly a commonly used chemical in the garden or allotment, whilst Ferric Chloride is often used by hobbyists to etch printed electronics circuit boards and by people making etched jewellery. In the course of this chemically packed evening you will prepare plates of two or three metals with a layer of acrylic ‘ground’ and then scratch textures and simple designs onto it before dunking the plates into small tanks of the etching solutions. We then clean and ink up your etched plates before running them through the press to print out and compare the kinds of lines and tones you have created. No fancy prep drawings required… this is a brisk and freely explorational evening to see what you can do with these very different but responsive etching metals!

If you have any questions beforehand please email us on or contact the course tutors Eliza Kentridge, Natalie Eldred or John Wallett.


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