Kitchen Sink Etching 04/07

Kitchen Sink Etching 04/07


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm



Wivenhoe Printshop
23/24 Wivenhoe Business Centre, Colchester, Essex, CO7 9DP

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Thursday evenings the Printshop will become a cross between experimental print workshop, kitchen chemistry lab and art space, exploring ways of making images using low-toxicity chemicals and stuff you can do with ordinary kitchen materials.

This Lab session we continue our experiments in Kitchen Sink Etching with ways to add tone and texture to copper and aluminium plates using car spay paints and quick-drying varnish as resists before etching with low-toxicity Ferric Chloride (for copper or brass) or Copper Sulphide+Salt solution (for the silvery metals aluminium, steel or zinc). Traditional printmakers used powdered resin dust (very toxic!) fused onto the etching plate to create a fine grained tone before immersing in the etching solutions (a process often called ‘Aquatint’). Tonight’s processes use materials found in the garage and the cupboard under the sink to achieve similar results and compare the effects on different metal test plates.

Please note that if you have problems using the online payment mechanism then please email or text (07757305327) and you can make a provisional booking now and pay when you arrive or by bank transfer.

If you have any questions beforehand please email the course tutor John Wallett.



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