Dry Point with Chine-collé

Date & time: 02/02/2019 from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Eliza Kentridge
Provided: All Materials
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Cost: £60

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Event Details

A full day DryPoint Etching course, which will also include the basics of using ‘Chine-collé’* to add extra colour and interest to your prints.

The workshop will be run by Eliza Kentridge.

*’Chine-collé’ is a form of collaged paper technique where we position pieces of shaped tissue or other fine paper between an inked printing plate and our etching paper, sticking the tissue onto the paper at the same time as printing the inked image (see diagram). The process allows many subtle colour or tonal effects and the incorporation of contrasting paper textures. Wikipedia says the term ‘Chine-collé’ derives from the French ‘chine’ = China, and ‘collé’, meaning glued or pasted. The thin paper traditionally used in the process was often imported to Europe from China, India or Japan.

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