Design by Accident

Date & time: 14/04/2019 from 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Artists: Richard Baxter, Andy Brooke, Jean McNeil


Event Details

Responses in ink, clay & light

“The 5 gestalt principles of perception:
proximity, similarity, continuity, closure, connectedness.
These are the principles we are exploring (among other things) in a visual way.
We want non-verbal appreciation of the physical world, perhaps even going beyond the visual.”

Andy Brooke

“..the disorder born of chance. Only this disorder permits unexpected connections.”

Henri Poincaré, mathematician


Joint show with a photographer, potter and a printmaker, all of us exploring the idea of accidental design or order out of chaos. Most works will be for sale.

  • Print: Jean McNeil
  • Pottery: Richard Baxter
  • Photography: Andy Brooke

Opening event:
Saturday 13th April 2-5pm.

Exhibition continues:

  • Sunday 14th April
  • Saturday 20th April
  • Sunday 21st April

Times: 11am – 4pm.


For further details email Andy Brooke:


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