Collotype 1

Date & time: 11/05/2019 from 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm

All materials & equipment
Tea and coffee are provided at all workshops

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Apologies but this workshop has been postponed due to ill-health.

Please email if you are interested in combining collage and printmaking as we have several new workshops in preparation.


Collatype is the method of making a printed image using different collage materials stuck down onto a hard flat surface such as wood or stiff board. Once stuck down the surface is usually sealed with a thin varnish before inking up and printing.

Almost any flat thin materials can be used to create lines, textures and tones: string or wire, thin card, sandpaper, fabric or dry leaves. Some artists have also used plaster, glue, cement, plastic letters or bits of rusty metal to create images and designs. Because the resulting collage often has an interesting textured surface ink can be rolled on this and then printed as a relief print.

But because the materials also have grooves that will hold ink, the same plate can also be treated like an etching with the ink pressed down into the grooves and the top surfaces wiped clean. A plate inked in this way can then be high-pressure printed using dampened etching paper to create a very different image.

And it is also interesting to use the collatype plate print ‘blind’ using no ink at all, just embossing the image into the surface of the paper with a high pressure press. Incredibly fine details like fine threads and subtle changes of thickness printed this way can create fascinating and beautiful results without even using a drop of ink.

In this half-day session we encourage artists to freely explore a variety of materials to create textures, design patterns and surreal / abstract forms using relief, intaglio and embossing printing presses.

No special technical abilities are required just an open mind, a willingness to experiment and an eye to look out for surprising and chance results.

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