Collagraph (class)

Date & time: 10/01/2022 - 07/02/2022 from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Tutor: Natalie Eldred
Intermediate to advanced
Provided: Collagraph plates, glues, varnishes, tools and a selection of collage materials are provided. Also printing inks, papers etc.


Cost: £180

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Event Details

Collography is the art of making prints from cardboard. Thin and flexible found materials and various types of paper & card can be used to collage a surface to achieve both figurative or abstract effects. The surface of the cardboard ‘plate’ can also be stripped away to reveal areas of texture and materials such as carborundum added to achieve a depth and richness with this semi-permanent method of printing. The finished plates can be printed using either intaglio or relief methods, monochrome or colour inks.

Collography is a versatile and accessible method of making prints and although not necessarily easy to master – it can be an excellent jumping-off point from which to dive into printmaking more generally, or a way to challenge yourself as an image maker or more experienced printmaker.

In this course of initially six classes, we will look at the basics of plate construction and treatment. If you are new to collograph you will make an initial exploratory plate and print this in both intaglio and relief, which will give you an immediate understanding of the way in which these collaged textures can be used to describe and suggest form. You will then work on images of your own, either self-directed or through the use of drawing and suggested themes & prompts. We will make use of sketchbook ideas, photographs, textiles, found objects and the natural world to produce exciting and unique collograph images.

A collograph plate produces only a small number of prints due to the delicate nature of the cardboard plates, so print runs of perhaps only 10-20 are most common. The emphasis during this course will be to experiment and learn with the medium, to develop skills as a printmaker but also to focus on the image-making itself with the aim of further developing as artists and creatives.

The ‘taught’ or led part of the course, which takes place in the morning is complimented by an optional addtional workshop afternoon – where course participants are able to practice their skills in collography in a self-guided way, alongside the tutor. There will be support to develop work made during the morning’s session, access to printing using the press etc.

I believe the course will be very rewarding, whatever your experience in printing, not just for instruction and skill development, but I hope also for the artistic companionship and creative self-development.

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