Artwork for printmaking

Date & time: 20/10/2018 from 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Tutor: John Wallett
All levels welcome from beginner to advanced
All materials provied plus access to digital printer and laser copier.
Tea and coffee are provided

Cost: £30

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Event Details

A half-day session preparing black and white artwork transparencies to use in a variety of processes including making relief and intaglio ‘Solar Plates’. Solar Plate is a modern photo-polymer alternative to traditional acid etching… without the acid! In this session we will be making high contrast black and white and tonal artwork using a mixture of traditional materials (pens, paints, paper stencils, collage) combined with digital scanners, phone-images, laser printers and photocopiers. The session aims to keep the ‘techy’ stuff to a minimum but will explore some simple ways to make and modify images that can be laser printed out quickly and cheaply to make excellent artwork transparencies on any laser printer or copier. We will also briefly look at using the darkroom to expose and prepare photo-polymer plates.

If you have any queries about the technical side of this workshop please email us first.

You may also want to read through some background about how Solar Plate works and look at some examples.

For this workshop we will provide a wide range of opaque inks and paper, textured collage materials and objects suitable for making artwork will be available. We also have a new A4 laser copier and stocks of high-grade drafting film which you can use in laser printers or copiers to make excellent sharp positives for transfer to relief or intaglio plates. Email us before to come to the session or pop in during Open Studios if you want to pick up some laser film to try at home beforehand.

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