James Anderson: Carborundum Prints

Today we had a visit from printmaker James Anderson to test out the big press doing some Carborundum Prints.

The process in essence is to apply a mix of acrylic binder and fine Carborundum powder to the surface of a metal or plasTic plate, let it dry and then ink and print it as an intaglio collatype print. The Carborundum powder creates a range of textures which have great capacity for holding ink. The thickness of the mixture, percentage of Carborundum to binder and the effects of brush or scraper to create marks and strokes in the mix all contribute to a very rich inking surface. Printing this onto a dampened etching paper with a medium-high pressure results in a striking range of ink tones. Pre-mixing the ink with a very large proportion of oil-based extender allows under-colour to show through and creates some stunning colour mixes. The images here are the inking and printing stages, and show the beautiful saturated colours and the textures achieved with this process.

In July we plan to get James to return and do a demonstration of this fascinating process from the beginning: preparing the Carborundum mix, making the plates, inking and printing. We are sure that this demonstration will be of great interest to Printworks Members.

Further details
James Anderson
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jamesanderson1951/
website: https://www.jamesandersonart.com/
email: jba@katrinaerskine.co.uk
mobile: +44 7786 266 815

Display Boads to Hire


For some time here at Printworks we have been using the very versatile ‘Klemetric’ clamps with 8’x4′ MDF boards to put up extra display areas when we do occasional workshop shows. A pair of white emulsioned 15mm or 18mm boards and a pair of these great clamps and you have a nice, unfussy display surface you can screw, nail or glue to. The clamps are like super strong hinges and can be adjusted to any angle between 90 and 270 degrees. You can create flat display walls, zig-zags, corners, square or triangle boxes etc (more ideas on the Klem website). These clamps are about £14 each to buy. We now have a stock of fifty clamps suitable for 15-18mm boards (enough to make up ten or twelve decent three-board displays etc) and a current stock of around twenty boards.

Now available for low-cost hire

Boards and clamps are now available for local individuals and groups as a low-cost hireable resource from Printworks. And we can also advise on planning your displays, transport and set up. Download our information sheet, call us or email for advice, further details, charity rates and date/availability.

Hire rates (price includes clamps!)

Three-day/long weekend (Friday morning to Monday morning) hire:
£7 per board

Full week hire:
£10 per board

Transport in Wivenhoe area (up to 15 boards)
appx £10-£15 (dependant on mileage)


Klemetric (Austrian based) have a quite interesting (if a bit ‘old-school’) site with info about these very versatile clamps and some examples of quite impressive displays using them.

If you want to buy clamps for your own use you can check out their current UK distributor http://klemetricdisplays.co.uk/ …or just keep an eye on Ebay and pick see if you can up a bargain.

See a few more images:

John Wallett
mobile: 07757305327
Download information sheet,

Members pages

Wivenhoe Printworks has been started by a small core group of people who want to set up a printmaking facility here and who are committed to developing this as a community resource which will draw in a wide range of people with an interest in print.

Members contribute a subscription to help get the project started an keep it running: rent of the space, heating, running costs, insurance, legal fees etc. To kickstart the project we agreed to put in £400 a year each (or an equivalent monthly). As we get more core members and start to bring in additional income from ad hoc booking, short courses or through occasional sale of works we will be able to start channeling more of these funds into improving the facilities and running more courses.

During the current Coronavirus situation all our courses and public activities are suspended until further notice. Please use the Contact page and add your details to our mailing list so we can keep you informed of any new developments.

If you would like to find out more please contact Natalie Eldred (Promotion), Eliza Kentridge (Co-ordinator), Jean McNeil (Treasurer) or John Wallett (Chair) by emailing info@wivenhoeprint.works

Braintree Albion

The college is closing down its art facility there and our main purpose was to look at the Albion relief press that was still in the print room. We measured it up so here are the main dimensions plus some photos of the press, together with other rather forlorn art room furniture that (who knows) may also be available if we wanted to make an offer:

Platen 61 x 45 cm
Type bed 70 x 54 cm
Tympanum 74 x 57 cm
Feet width apart 70 cm
Knees (‘Hips’?) width apart 80 cm
Width of machine (handle to handle) 120 cm

Overall length (extent of feet to out folded Tympanum) 210 cm
Overall height (appx) 210cm

John W