Membership and bookings

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Users and access

(Revised rates 2020)

Full Membership

Full Membership costs £400 a year (12 calendar months from month of registering). With 24/7 access to a generous sized and well equipped workshop this represents very good value for anyone wanting to develop their ideas and experiment with print on a regular basis. If you have a specific query, need more information or just want to pop in for a visit then please email us now or use the contact form and leave your details and a message.

Half-yearly and monthly Membership

If you want to use the workshop but don’t think you need a full year you can sign up for six months and see how you get on. Rates: £210 per six months. Or if you just want to go one month at a time then the rate is £36 per month. With all membership periods we ask that you give us one full month notice if you want to quit or change period. And for all keyholding memberships we charge a one-off deposit of £11 to cover cost of cutting a set of keys (refundable if/when you quit).


Full members are all keyholders and can use the workshop facilities at any time (24/7) when not otherwise booked. We keep stocks of good quality printmaking papers and inks, tools, equipment and essential materials, which are all available to members at cost. There is also storage space if members need to bring in some of their own materials to use.

Workshop/course fees

Our course fees are:

    • £10 for a general Intro session
    • £15 for a short afternoon or evening session
    • £20 for a technical Intro (eg Intro to Etching)
    • £40 for a half-day course
    • £60 for full day courses

Members only (internal) courses and discounts

From time to time we run internal member-only course sessions, introducing new techniques and processes. We generally run these on a cost only basis ie members just pay a small amount for any materials used. These are an important way for members to develop and share technical and creative skills.  Internal course sessions are not generally listed on the website.

Full time members are also eligible for a 20% discount on all our external listed courses and workshops (subject to availability as priority on these is for non-members).

If you are planning to attend a workshop but also considering membership please contact us and we can arrange discount when you book for your first session.

We currently offer concessions on course prices to young people (under 25) and to students.

Space/facilities hire, exhibiting, skills sharing

We also invite individuals and groups who are interested to hire the space/facilities to run their own workshops and courses. We charge £15 per hour for the hire of the space including use of presses (£120 for a full day) plus any materials costs (eg printing paper).  The space may also from time to time be used to show and sell appropriate (2D) visual work. Plus we will arrange occasional demonstrations and skills-sharing sessions in printmaking and associated areas of visual work. If you have ideas for a workshop, training session or other event using the space please contact us to discuss details.

Membership and workshop decisions

All full time members are invited to take an active part in decisions that affect the general running of the workshop including the election of Directors.

As of June 12th 2019 Wivenhoe Printworks is registered as a Not-For-Profit Company Limited by Guarantee (reg number 12047757).

Please ask if you want more details of Wivenhoe Printworks  structure and collective management.


The workshop space is big, well lit and offers a range of work spaces for drawing and preparation of print images, plate-making, inking, printing and drying. We have good benching and storage space for a range of paper, inks, tools and equipment. We have also just set up a micro-darkroom with UV exposure unit and low-light plate washing facilities for calibrated photopolymer plate making and (from late January) exposing photo-stencils for screenprinting. During the 2019 Summer period we will be introducing some experimental printmaking techniques as well as metal plate etching. See the new 2019 Events Programme for more details.


We have two Dutch-made roller presses each able to be used to print relief or intaglio. And we are currently renovating an unusual and very heavy screw-thread ‘nipping press’ which we will adapt for small relief prints and book-binding later in the year… watch this space!


We have current stocks of excellent Fabriano and Zercal papers suitable for both relief printing (lino/woodblock) and intaglio printing (drypoint, solar plate). We have a small stock of oil-based etching inks, plus water-washable and water-based relief inks. We also offer a range of rollers, scribing and cutting tools, drypoint plates, glues and collograph materials, cutting and mounting tools, a large lightbox, wide darkroom sink and spray hose for cleaning and paper-soaking, blotting papers, tissue, newsprint etc. And we now have a b/w A4 laser printer/copier plus stocks of industrial grade matt drafting film (which you can use in any laser copier or printer) to make excellent dense black positive artwork for transfer to photopolymer plates.

We are constantly expanding the range of facilities tools and materials available so please get in touch if you have a big project in mind or need special processes.

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